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Prints & Pricing

The image .jpgs accurately represent the printed image, despite their low resolution.  "Represent" being the operative word, they in no way match the detail and tonality of a print.

The print is made on the highest quality matte paper.  The Epson color inks used are rated to last several hundred years; the black and white inks, indefinitely.  The print is mounted on archival quality mat board.

A print is hand produced; please allow 2 weeks for delivery.  Below are print sizes and prices:

       Image Size*              Mat Size                       Price

         12" X 15"                              16" X 20"                                $300.00

         16" X 20"                             22" X 28"                                 450.00

         20" X 24"                             28" X 32"                                 600.00

         24" X 30"                             32" X 38"                                 750.00

         30" X 40"                            40" X 48"                                  900.00


 For sizes larger that 30" X 40" please contact me.

* In inches, actual size may vary slightly depending on the image

Please enter image title and gallery name in the PayPal description field (top, abbreviate if necessary).

Enter price (USD) for image size you are purchasing..

Shipping and taxes are included in the price.

Thank you for your order.


For corporate/advertising usage, please contact me.

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